Sustained Outperformance

CertificationPlus is unique set of project level services offered by Conserve. The portfolio of services focuses on value addition during the different phases of the built environment development. We cater to a wide range of services from planning and design to commissioning and performance benchmarking. The objective of these unique services is to provide an extra mileage to the certification or sustainability initiative of a project.

The most successful green projects are created when there is collaboration between all members of the project team. To ensure the best outcome for the project, we have people who know what they’re doing—every step of the way, from concept to commissioning. Our experienced construction professionals provide effective leadership, sharp attention to detail and a valued partnership, you can count on throughout the life of your project.

Portfolio of CertificationPlus Services


Beyond Certification to add the ‘Real Value’ to buildings which aspire to become Certified Green, CertificationPlus works on the ethos of any Ideal Design, of creating “Something Right from the Very Beginning”. When Sustainable Design Inputs reaches the Design Team at very Early Stage of a project, the building in its Right Sustainability Context from the Very Beginning attracts Nil Cost Increase.

It’s a Perception that Green Building with their “Complex Technologies” and “Not So Attractive Looks” come with a “Bigger Budget”. Conserve’s, CertificationPlus breaks this Myth.

CertificationPlus ‘Design’ helps projects teams in the Design Development with the Right Building Orientation, Fenestration Design, Shading Design; Materials & Construction Techniques, to make a stellar High Performing Green Building within Budgeted Cost.

It provides value addition to the architectural blueprint and design by incorporating the elements of Sustainable Design and passive architecture. Nurture your building right from the start through this Constructive Opportunity of CertificationPlus DESIGN rather than Destructive Intervention.


CertificationPlus “Construction” makes certain that design intent is meticulously built into the project during construction to truly create your dream of a high performing building. Generally the sustainable quotient perceived in the design stage gets diluted or misinterpreted during a typical construction phase due to various reasons including the need for expertise of the project team, complexity of the subject, understanding of the intent, etc.

Hence, Conserve’s CertificationPlus ‘Construction’ provides a continuity on all aspects of sustainability and our approach is based on our team's many years of experience in environmental design development and sustainable construction, and integration of both which is the key of a successful green project.

Our company's aim is to build lasting working relationships, taking a pragmatic approach that saves our clients’ money and we are dedicated to the end result in each and every project, focusing on strategies that produce the best life-cycle cost impact with enhanced environmental performance. This is appreciated well by our large portfolio of satisfied clients including household names, public sector organizations, architects and main contractors.

Value addition is done in terms of materials and equipment specifications, through consulting for procurement, vendor selection, contractor submittal review, installation as well as commissioning (Pre Commissioning, Comprehensive Commissioning, Third Party Commissioning), depending on the unique requirements of your project.


Once the project is commissioned as per the guidelines and compliances, Conserve’s focus is to maintain the legacy of the green certification compliances or sustainability initative. Hence the task of improving and optimizing the high performance building is a never ending process. We focus not only on the project lifetime but also extend our support beyond it i.e. building lifetime.

The overall performance of the building from design to commissioning to operations is well covered through our Sustainability Certification services.

We emphasize on resource efficiency, be it energy, water, waste, etc., and try to sustain performance. During the operations our concern is also on reducing the resource waste and getting that extra resource cost savings for owners. Conserve has empowered various organizations in the operations of their mammoth projects through identifying and fixing operational issues. We intend to create a positive disruption in the energy and water management space through our tangible benefits in terms of cost savings and asset lifecycle management without ignoring the operational reliability and client priorities. Towards this, we even provide training to the O&M for enhancing efficiency of various utilities.

Got Certified? Let's stay profitable! CertificationPlus provides value addition by staying true to the promise. Our Experts involve in benchmarking your building performance and continuous improvement through operations-cost control, leading to profitability.