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Reva University

Delivering Performance by Conserve: Reva University, Classroom and Administration Building

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First Naturally Ventilated Building in India to achieve LEED India Platinum rating

The Client

Established in 2004 at Rukmini Knowledge Park under the aegis of Rukmini Educational Charitable Trust, Reva University is the Youngest Educational Institute with University Status in India. Located 22kms away from the Bangalore International Airport, it is one of the largest residential campuses in Karnataka with 35 acres of sprawling green campus.

The Challenge

Client aspired for the highest rating of Platinum for construction, with focus on the most active and engaged building in the campus i.e. the administrative block. Since most of the occupied space was in the form of classrooms, natural ventilation and less dependence on artificial light were required.

The Solution

  • A zone by zone analysis was done to meet and then exceed the natural and cross ventilation norms of ASHRAE
  • Holistic sustainability approach was adopted ensuring credit points for all the modules across all sustainability parameters for 360 Degree Sustainability to achieve Platinum Rating
  • Methods adopted for lowest per capita potable water consumption
  • Recycled and locally sourced materials, environmentally friendly paints, adhesives and sealants used for best indoor air quality
  • Reduced carbon footprint by providing for transportation through buses and cycles
  • Zero electric energy consumption during daytime using solar photovoltaic cells

The Benefits

  • Classroom and administrative block developed using sustainable building guidelines made it become the First Naturally Ventilated Building in India to achieve LEED India Platinum rating
  • As per the Energy Performance Index (EPI) achieved during winter, the building has a surplus of 1100KWh per month to be used by other buildings within campus.