Business Case : Green Products


What is GreenPro and Why Product Manufacturers need it ?

Green Product Certification (GreenPro) is a product certification developed by CII Green Product Council, which asses the sustainability and environment impact of the product that are used in the buildings. Objective of the GreenPro certification is to empower the buyers to choose the right products for their project, which are eco-friendly and has high performance.

Products that are certified as GreenPro are given preferences and certification points in all green building project that follow guidelines on IGBC rating system. IGBC (Indian Green Building Council), one of the largest green certification agency in India, with over 20+ certification category and with rapidly expanding market segment.

Requirement for labelling products based on their environmental performance, was non-existence in India before the advent of Green Building Movement in 2000s. Green Building Movement, which brought innovative and sustainable building techniques, gave rise to the concept of eco-friendly development and building performance.

Increase in Green buildings in India fuelled the need to label building materials based on their performance and sustainability, to use them seamlessly into the project. This gave rise to GreenPro certification, which labels them based on their eco-friendliness and life cycle assessment.

The above graph indicates growth on IGBC registered projects in India and it has a tremendous growth for a decade and still going strong. Including GreenPro products in IGBC projects helps to achieve higher ratings and improve the overall performance. Hence, market size and value of IGBC projects, determine the business case of manufactures to adopt GreenPro certification for their products.

Value of building materials in IGBC Project :

In all these projects excluding land value, Building Materials adds upto 60% of the project budget. Hence, Rs. 4,50,00,000 is spent only on building materials on average IGBC project, which is higher than that of regular project. Thus, having a greenpro certification, could enable manufacturers to position their product in the growing green building market segment and also ensure that their products are eco-friendly to the environment as well.

More than 1500 products in India are greenpro certified in various categories, which represent only the fraction of all building products available in the market. With more consumer awareness towards the enviroment and protection, the need for green products will only increase in the coming days.

We at Conserve Consultants, help product manufacturers to assess their environmental impact of their product and help them to achieve greenpro certification at a record pace.

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