Case Study: Mumbai International Airport Terminal-2


Mumbai international Airport T2 Passenger Terminal is
one of the Greenest Airport Complexes in the world

Mumbai International Airport Terminal-2 Sustainability Certification: Conserve Way of Delivering Performance


The Terminal 2 of the Mumbai Airport was envisaged to synchronise all international and domestic air travel from one terminal. Opened in January, 2014, Terminal 2 has been handling all International Flights with Domestic Flights too slowly shifting to this Terminal. The vision was to reduce the hassles of a common air traveller. The project for a feasibility study of this new terminal was given to Conserve Consultants.


Mandatory requirements of the LEED Certification for a large magnitude built space of 9.5 million sqft was difficult to meet.

Meeting mandatory energy compliance was the major challenge.



  1. To publish the results of the simulation within 6 weeks, a special team was formed.
  2. Performance gaps and bottlenecks in the project were identified and shared with the project team which reworked the design and the simulation of the redesigned structure was undertaken.
  3. LEED Sustainability Certification was attempted and higher rating was aspired for


  1. Mere meeting of the ASHRAE baseline resulted in savings of Rs 60 million
  2. Silver rating was achieved and Gold rating aspired for
  3. Gold rating achieved in 2014 with the following key benefits:

    1. Energy savings of Rs 310 million over ASHRAE baseline energy cost
    2. Water savings of 200 million litres per annum over LEED India baseline
    3. Indoor air quality and thermal comfort parameters exceeding conventional airport requirements
    4. Substantial reduction in usage of natural resources
    5. Reduction in fuel consumption of vehicles and time of visitor/passenger achieved by simple methods like signages for empty parking space
Cost Saving

Savings of
₹ 60 Million


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