Case Study: Siemens Postal


Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics is a business with mail and parcel as well as baggage and cargo handling systems is backed by a global network of regional companies and branch offices.

Siemens Postal


Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics Pvt. Ltd is a office building located at Gurgaon. Building facility comprises from Ground to third floor with cover area of 13,400 The site has 3 numbers of 200TR located at Tower B & 2 number of 100 TR located in the Tower C are installed to meet cooling requirements of this building. Totally 12 no’s of AHU are installed for floor conditioning & 4 Chilled Water Pumps with VFD for chilled water circulation system. Along with this packaged AC’s, split AC’s, CAHU’s are installed in different areas in floors to meet the cooling requirement


Presently all AHU fan is installed with the forward curve fans gives the maximum of 60% efficiency, fan is driven by belt it also makes losses in efficiency, the fan base is completely corroded and motor also. It consumes more power



It is recommended to install plug fan to avoid belt losses and it results maximum 80% efficiency than the forward curve fans. This plug type fans will reduces the overall power consumption and increases the air flow.


Annual Electrical Energy Savings : 59,700 kWh/year
Annual Cost Savings : 4.95 lacs/year
Annual CO2 emission reduction : 50 Tons/year


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