GreenPro Certification is a milestone !

ParasuRaman. R is the Chairman of Conserve Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

ParasuRaman has played a pioneering role in the spread of the Green Building Movement. He is the Founding and Past Vice Chairman of World Green Building Council and Immediate Past Chairman of the Indian Green Building Council. He served as the Chairman and MD of Honeywell ED & S Ltd. as well as Chairman of CII SR (Southern Region). He is also the Chairman of the recently launched Green Product and Services Council. 

Here is the excerpt from the interview during the launch of Green Product and Services Council (Source: The Hindu)

 “Launching GreenPro is a significant milestone for India and will facilitate the industry to come up with innovations in green products. CII estimates that the market potential for certified green products would be about $ 300 billion by 2025."

How did the CII-GreenPro certification come up and what is the role of your knowledge partner?

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) initiated the Green Building movement nearly 15 years ago. CII has taken up the green building movement by involving all major stakeholders including corporates, developers, builders, architects, product manufacturers, government etc.

It helped expand the green building footprint significantly in a decade’s time. The green building movement which started with its first green building – CII-Godrej Green Business Centre at Hyderabad - with a footprint of about 20,000 sq. ft. today stands at over 3 billion sq ft, which is the second largest footprint in the world.

GreenPro – Green Product certification from CII is a significant milestone. It brought with it a step to create awareness among the stakeholders to think on how green their products are and consider the materials that go into the manufacture and the technologies used in construction. With this in mind, the Green Products & Services Council was formed with the support of all the stakeholders. The main objective is to facilitate green product market transformation through certification.

GreenPro adopts a holistic approach based on life-cycle of a product for evaluation. The evaluation process considers the environment impact associated with the entire life cycle of a product right from raw materials used, manufacturing process to the product use and disposal / recycling .

How would you describe a green product/building?

A certified green product will address the following aspects for reducing overall environment impact:

• Sustainable designing

• Environmental product performance

• Use of recycled content

• Energy efficiency

• Water efficiency

• Use of renewable power

• Reduction of waste

We also have international standards and procedures adopted for testing and evaluation.

You said that 80 per cent of the building certification is for the materials used… can you give us some examples of products that come under this?

GreenPro certification is fashioned to evaluate how green a product is at the elementary level and follows its function in sustainability. Any organisation can take advantage of the Green Product certification for selection of the right products, materials and technologies for construction of green buildings irrespective of the green building certification programme the organisation follows.

Presently products such as construction blocks, paints, building insulation, glass, furniture, tiles, water fixtures, lighting, and cleaning chemicals are accepted for GreenPro certification.


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