Conserve Sustainability Audit: Hamad International Airport, Qatar

The Client

Our Client QD-SBG Construction WLL is the biggest civil and building construction company offering diversified general contracting and design-build-operate services to clients throughout Qatar. QD-SBG has a strong reputation by executing large complex projects on time and within budget while adhering to strict quality control measures. QD-SBG (O&M Division) is in charge of the Facility Management -Utility Sections of Hamad International Airport (HIA) located at Qatar.

HIA’s passenger terminal complex covers 600,000 square meters while the airport itself covers 29 square kilometers, and has the capacity to handle 8,700 passengers per hour, or 53 million passengers per annum.  This airport is much spacious and supremely efficient in functioning and has been designed to immerse passengers in a world of luxury, providing a seamless and hassle-free travel experience. Considering the size and operations of the airport natural resources consumption is huge and overwhelming.

The Challenge

QD-SBG (O&M Division) and HIA are committed to continuous improvement in their pursuit to become ‘The World Class Airport’. The audit project includes 4 Mega Tonnage Central Utility Plants (CUP) (each CUP is approx. of 20,000 TR capacity), 6 Main Sub-Stations with 8 Nos Power Transformers & 260 Nos Distribution Transformers, Central Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) and Potable/Fire Pumps.

  • The airport is just 2 years old and using some of the latest technologies and equipments. Therefore it was challenging to identify the energy savings and push the benchmark further. Walk through audit was not enough and there was need to conduct detailed and comprehensive study to identify the micro level energy performance gaps.
  • The size of the each utility plant was a huge challenge to capture the operations and understand in a short span of time .
  • Multiple numbers of client teams & executives involved in the project posed demanding challenge in collaborating & integrating multi disciplinary data.
  • Considering the start-up load diversity and phase wise commissioning of a green field airport, trending of data, analysis,, bench-marking and performance improvement were indeed challenging.
  • Incorporating efficiency into the part of facility including the utility equipments  posed a challenge in understanding the complete picture.

The Solutions

  • Conserve adopted an exhaustive approach while conducting offsite and onsite study resulting in mapping of complete blueprint of systems & operations.
  • Energy Review Analysis was done on Electrical System, HVAC System, Potable/Fire Water Pumps and Waste Water Treatment Plants.
  • Re-setting of controls in the end user secondary circuit was identified to ensure the requisite design temperature across all user air handling units.
  • Chillers specific power consumption improvement through lower cooling water inlet temperature by making changes in the control logic has been suggested.
  • Measurement & Verification (M & V) of HVAC system in all CUPs Metering as per International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP) was described in the detailed study. Benchmarking and continuous improvement has the potential to enhance performance level.
  • Harmonics Study and Power Factor Study were conducted to recommend corrective actions as required.
  • Dissolved oxygen sensor- control systems recommended for bio treatment air blower and increase the energy efficiency.

The Result

  • The energy savings of 8.3 million units per year and carbon footprint reduction of 12 metric tons per year are arrived through this study.
  • Conserve completed the Energy Audit of Facility Section of Hamad International Airport (HIA) and fulfilling the expectations of both HIA and QD-SBG.
  • Satisfied with Conserve’s unique value addition to this mammoth project through the Energy Audit Study, QD-SBG and HIA has decided to collaborate with Conserve in future for Sustainability and Efficiency projects.

Conserve handled the challenge effectively while addressing the intent of this ambitious project. They efficiently collaborated with us and completed the audit within the time frame. Conserve also adopted an exhaustive approach while conducting offsite and onsite study and provided customized ‘Energy Conservation Measures’, which would help in reducing the operational cost to a much larger extent.

QD-SBG Representative


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