Health & Wellbeing : RESET Air Rating System


Importance of quality air on our health is immense and the access to better quality air in workplace ensures better productivity of the employees. Scientific study conducted by Harvard Chan School of Public Health concludes quality of air enhances our response to crisis, information usage and business strategy at work environment.

These are air quality targets across critical parameters which must be continuously monitored during hours of occupancy.Currently, parameters include: PM2.5, TVOC, CO2, CO, Temperature and Humidity.


The RESET Air Quality Standard, or RESET Air, is a data standard for air quality monitoring and is a module of the RESET Standard. The RESET Standard is created and administered by GIGA, who aim to improve indoor environments and occupant health on a global scale. RESET combines the development of live monitoring and cloud software to increase the visibility of building health data. RESET provides a guiding hand to all those who are willing to really get to grips with the air quality of their buildings.

RESET™ Air is the world’s first sensor-based and performance-driven, indoor air quality building standard and certification program. Performance is tracked in real-time - continuous monitoring so that data can be communicated to project occupants through mobile devices, or other visual displays.

Indoor air quality changes continuously as buildings are pressurised and depressurised by mechanical systems, as ventilation, heating, and cooling power up and down and as occupant activity impacts CO2, CO, Particulate Matter and VOCs (chemical gases). The quality of sensors, their installation, calibration and reporting methodology are of critical importance.

Standards for monitor performance, density and location of installation, calibration, reporting methodology and overall project performance.

Certification Process :

Project certification is available for RESET Air. The general process for RESET Air projects can be broken down into the following four parts:

Plan and Select

As a performance-based standard, data quality is very important for RESET Air. For certification, RESET requires the use of accredited monitors, accredited data providers, in addition to installation and deployment requirements.

Install and Commission

To prepare for certification, monitors must be properly installed and commissioned. Monitors must be connected to a data provider that can be properly configured to stream the data to the RESET Cloud for the provision of health and certification analytics.

Record & Certify

The audit process, involves a Documentation Audit, a Site Audit, and a Data Audit. For the Data Audit, projects must be within the performance targets during occupancy for PM2.5, TVOC, and CO2, for 3 consecutive months to pass.


Once a project has become certified, RESET continues to perform the Data Audit, maintaining a re-certifying status. Consistent poor performance can result in the loss of the project certification. Achieving and maintaining RESET Air Certification highlights the excellent facilities and operations team and demonstrates the space or building's commitment to the health of its occupants.

Importance of RESET in the Post COVID Workplace :

Ensuring safety of the occupants is an important and essential responsibility of the building owners and facility team. Threat levels arising from pandemic causing microbes are at all time high and ensuring proper ventilation and safety of indoor air becomes at-most importance. Rating system such as RESET, which focus only on Air Quality, will help to ensure the safety and quality of the air we breath indoors and reduce the infection rate substantially.

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