Delivering Performance by Conserve: PUMA Showroom, Bangalore

The Client

PUMA is a leading global apparel brand with expertise in casual and sports apparel, footwears and accessories. PUMA is committed to sustainability as a part of it corporate philosophy. To surpass its sustainable objectives, PUMA has taken a bold step of adopting innovative technologies and measures at its flagship store in IndraNagar, Bangalore.

The Challenge

PUMA wanted to build a showroom which is ‘Beyond Green’ with all the sustainable features. They aspired for a store which will be a Net Zero Energy Showroom i.e. a Showroom that does not consume any power from the grid. 

This ambitious target made the task more challenging and critical for any sustainable consultant. Following the universal rule of retailer i.e. to provide an awesome shopping experience, they did not intend to compromise on comfort of their shoppers. In fact they wanted to enhance their shopping experience. The indoor shopping environment including the store atmosphere, air quality, ambience, lighting level etc. must be maintained as per the global standards. Thermal comfort was also the major concern which should be taken care of; both in summer as well as in winter. The constraint of space, as this store is located in the most prime and expensive shopping zone of Bangalore; coupled with all the other factors, needed some unique solution.

The Solution

  • Thermal Comfort: Instead of going in for energy consuming air conditioners and heaters, the Earth Air Tunnel (EAT) system was incorporated in the building. This provided a mechanism to cool the air in summer and heat in winter.
  • Improved Experience: A 100% fresh air system was built instead of conventional re-circulating method. The experience of freshness in the store can be felt as there is no odor found in a conventional shoe stores.
  • Natural Daylighting: General space lighting, during the day is completely natural and there is minimum use of artificial light. The building has been designed for zero glare.
  • Renewable Energy: Solar PV panels have been integrated as an awning in a manner where it faces the right solar direction without any shadow.

The Benefits

The showroom is operating as a Net Zero Energy project which does not consume any power form the grid. Energy Cost is Nil.

  • The thermal comfort achieved inside the store is 280 C at peak summer against 360 C ambient and 220 C against 140 C outside temperature during peak winters without the use of either air conditioners or heaters.
  • The carbon dioxide level inside is 4 times lesser than conventional air-conditioned space.




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