With an ambitious plan to add 50 Airports over the next 10 years by Airport Authority India (AAI), it boils down to a single focus on whether these airports are sustainable over a period of time. At Conserve Consultants, we make sustainability as our core strategy in design and development. The efficiency of our process can be observed at Chatrapati Sivaji International Airport (CSIA) which focus on Sustainability Induced Development leading to a LEED India Gold Green Building Certification. CSIA is one such model airports in India, which can give a lot of insights to developers, architects and consultants, to get an idea about the volume of benefits they can achieve in terms of Energy Efficiency, Water Resource Management, Indoor Environment Quality, Material Selection and Sustainable Design and Operation.

Futuristic airports will go beyond the green tag towards net-zero consumption patterns such as net-zero energy, net-zero water, net-zero waste and carbon neutrality. The design and operation of future airports will innovate to meet these sustainable objectives. Built up area per traffic handled will undergo out of line changes. Single window convenience for passenger irrespective of airlines, modular usage of space, convenient city luggage check-in and receipt encouraging use of public transport for passengers and multiple disruptive innovations in operations will change paradigm. Airports are large closed zones operating 24X7 with a variety of people from all walks of life, nationalities and ages. Special emphasis has to be taken to ensure adequate indoor air quality without compromising on energy objectives. Futuristic airports will generate their own indoor fresh air.

To put this into perspective, CSIA has achieved an energy saving of INR 310 million over a year lower than ASHRAE baseline energy cost and has achieved “Performance Delivered” rating. In water management, CSIA is able to outperform LEED India baseline by astonishing 200 million liters of saving per year. CSIA stands out from other airports in India in performance and also in substantial reduction in the usage  of natural resources and reduction of harmful materials in the infrastructure by green sourcing.  In particular, one of the challenges Conserve Consultants faced in CSIA project is the utilization of daylight harvesting.

Besides multiple measures to reduce energy, water and material resources, the T2 terminal at CSIA, has created a few innovation worthy of emulation. This project may be the world’s largest daylight glare free floor plate of space. Specially designed lenses have been used on the sky lighting to bring a glare free, diffused light in T2 Terminal. It is one of the moments where design and sustainability have fused to create something spectacular. The water condensate form the air handling units has been recycled as cooling water makeup, reducing water consumption in cooling towers and also savings in the energy consumed by the chillers.

At Conserve Consultants, we take all these into considerations and provide a comprehensive guidance from the design through the operation of the airport.

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